Statement of Faith

We believe that:

1. Every person needs a spiritual transformation, whereby they are saved from sin. (John 3:3) Sin is a willful choice to disobey God’s law, which we all inherently know within our hearts. (John 1:1-9, Romans 2:12-16, I John 3:4) In order to be saved, or “born again”, we must humble ourselves towards God, change our mind about our lifestyle, and ask God for mercy towards us, for our wrongdoing. (Luke 18:9-14, Acts 2:38, I John 1:8-10)

2. Every person can be saved, for God does not desire for anyone to die eternally. (John 3:16, I Timothy 2:3-4, II Peter 3:9) We believe that God’s grace reaches to all men, yet not everyone responds positively to God. (John 1:9-11, Titus 2:11) Only those who submit to God’s call to repentance and holiness are saved. (Matthew 22:1-14) Salvation is only through faith in Jesus Christ, and this faith produces good works in our lives, causing us to live in obedience to God. (James 2:14-26)

3. Every person can know that they are saved, by the witness of the Holy Spirit, (Romans 8:1-16), and by the witness of the Word of God, (I John 2:3), God gives us a consciousness of peace when we are regenerated, because we are no longer at war with Him. (Romans 5:1-2) At that point, our rebellion and sin are no longer blocking us from a loving relationship with God. (Isaiah 59:1-2) The witness of the Word of God is another confirmation, as we live in obedience to God’s instructions, we can know that we are saved. (I John 1:5-7)

4. Every person can be saved so as to love God with all of their heart, soul, and mind and their neighbor as themselves. (Matthew 22:35-40) This is Christian perfection, which is perfection in love. (I John 4:17-21) As we fulfill these two greatest commandments, we fulfill all of God’s laws for us. (Romans 13:9-10) Also, we realize that God has called us to be holy as He is holy. (Hebrews 12:14, I Peter 1:13-16) This is not an option for the Christian, but a commandment that God enables us to keep, as we submit to His will. Many today teach that it does not matter how a Christian lives, that every person sins every day, but this belief is not Scriptural. Once we understand that sin in the proper sense is rebellion or lawlessness, (I John 3:4), then we understand that those who love Christ would never live in rebellion against Him. We can know that we are Christians because we love God and our fellow man. (I John 3:14, I John 5:1-5)

Join us as we journey towards heaven!