Press Release-7/4/2019

Today, we honor those who served our country in the War for Independence from Great Britain, and the War of 1812, the Second War for Independence from Great Britain. After the second war, the British finally understood that the American victory was not a fluke. The following men, (and others whose tombstones were illegible to the eye this evening), from the Allentownship Presbyterian Church served in the war specified by their name:

The American War for Independence: John Rosbrugh-(Pastor of the church, and first minister to die in the War for Independence. His wife Jane, a widow from January 2, 1777, heroically raised their family), John Clyde, James Clyd, John Ralston, Doctor Matthew McHenry, John Clendenen, Robert Brown, Samuel Brown, John Brown, James Brown, Robert Russell-(Later a pastor of the church), Thomas Horner, Thomas Herron, General William Lattimore, Arthur Lattimore

The War of 1812, or the Second War for America Independence: Samuel Horner, Hugh Horner, Nicholas Neligh, James Kennedy

Press Release-6/4/2019

The Northampton God’s Missionary Church, whose campus includes Horner Cemetery, wishes to thank the Capt. Theodore H. Howell Camp #48 of the Sons of Union Veterans for their cooperative and dedicated service in remembering the lives of those who have passed on.